Clean is All.

Cleaning protocol by Allegrini.

Allegrini presents Clean is All, the environments cleaning and disinfection protocol verified by the Environment and Health Department of Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research. Specifically studied to ensure to all guests of a facility/business activity a safe stay in compliance with hygiene standards, it allows to inform and reassure the final client about the use of Allegrini Method and detergents and the cleaning procedures performed in each environment, thanks to a brand representing the safe hygiene.

Because for us and for you, protection is everything, safety is everything, cleaning is everything.

For everyone, Clean is All.


Destination: All environments

In post-COVID era, the importance of a protocol establishing procedures, actions and solutions to ensure cleanliness and safe hygiene is becoming increasingly apparent. Allegrini has developed Clean is All protocol in order to provide precise and expert guidance to cleaning operators and the directors and managers of organisations such as hospitals, care homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants and food companies.

Target: Cleaning and Hygiene

The purpose is to ensure to all guests of a facility/business activity a safe stay in accordance with the rules of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection, with the guarantee of Made in Italy products formulated in a laboratory and verified by an independent body, the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research.


Result: Wellbeing in Safety

From the cleaning operator to the guest. Living spaces in safety is a primary target for the managers of the various types of structures and businesses: Clean is All, thanks also to technological and marketing support, offers the opportunity to communicate to guests that the environments have been cleaned and sanitized. How? For example, through a QR code that tells about cleaning products, methods and procedures.

The Protocol

Environments, surfaces, laundry, car interiors, etc. Every place we come into contact with must be cleaned and disinfected. This is why Clean is All is developed through different protocols, each one suitable for each professional environment, and customized according to specific needs.


For hospitals, clinics and RSA



For hotels, resorts and accomodations



For restaurant business



For catering industries



For vehicles


The Added Value

The added value is the validation of Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, one of the most avant-garde non-profit foundations on the international scientific scene for research, training and information on biomedical sciences.

Developed by expert professionals in collaboration with Allegrini's Research & Development laboratory, Clean is All intends to be an authoritative tool for its stakeholders. It is therefore submitted for verification to the

Department of Environment and Health Sciences of the Mario Negri Institute, which, will assess the effectiveness of cleaning procedures and test results of accredited external laboratories, when necessary.

The collaboration with the Department of Environment and Health Sciences of the Mario Negri Institute and with Head of Laboratory Enrico Davoli enables Allegrini to provide assurances on the procedures to be implemented, both with regard to the scientific assumptions of the substances chosen, and the effectiveness of the methods of use, control and verification. The scientific approach of an independent body, in the design of the tests and their evaluation, is essential to ensure reliability and repeatability of results.

The protocols were developed in strict compliance with the national guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health, the Italian National Institute of Health, health experts, and also international organizations to the extent applicable.


A story of innovation that makes its progagonists speak for itself.

Impeccable cleaning performance, guarantee of scientific research, safety and protection of people.
Clean is all: a cutting edge story, with a declared happy ending. As clean is.


Clean is All is also a sustainable project!

Sustainability for Allegrini embraces every area: from products to services and more.
This subject is the focus of an important process of structural growth named World in progress, a world of ideas, projects and actions that the company is carrying out for an increasingly sustainable future.

Browse Allegrini's Sustainability Report 2021.

An integral part of this project is the LCA Study, that investigates the environmental impact of a product during its entire life cycle.

Comparing 3 ready-to-use detergent references (glass, degreaser and multi-purpose) to the same references in concentrated versions, the results are surprising: the more concentrated is the product, the less impact it has on the environment.

The analysis began with dilution, to make the washing function of the concentrated products equivalent to the one of ready-to-use products.

For each of the two versions, production, mixing and packaging processes have been examined along with the transport of the finished product and up to the disposal of packaging materials and it was noted that, with the concentrated version, for every 1000 litres of product you save 86.4% of CO2 emissions compared to the ready-to-use product in the glass reference, 91.5% for the degreaser reference and 92.8% for the multipurpose.

Watch the video about the LCA study.